Official HOME to “Ultimate Black Panthers” & the Vanglorious Wakandan Royal Empire! (#PSJV)

Official HOME to “Ultimate Black Panthers” & the Vanglorious Wakandan Royal Empire! (#PSJV)



#UltimateBlackPanthers begins on the one year anniversary of King T’Chaka the Great’s assassination. Since that time #BP has decided to expand Wakanda’s profile and international positioning via the #WakandaDesignGroup‘s#KimoyoTechnology (aeronautics, clean energy solutions, footwear/apparel and ultra advanced battery free/solar powered audio/visual equipment I.e. lightweight high speed do-it-all PDAs/computing devices).

Xenophobic traditionalists such as the religious political party, the #Desturi stand vehemently opposed to the young monarchs’ sudden shift towards economic expansion thru privatized globalization.

Stockpiled #Vibranium #reserves, untapped petroleum deposits and an embarrassing abundance of other natural resources/precious metals (along with a wide variety of “wondermeds” such as the cures for Alzheimer’s and #HIV/AIDS) allow King T’Chaka to set the foundation for his #UnitedStatesOfAfrica initiative; the controversial proposed concept for a federation of some or all of the 54 sovereign states on the African continent protected and directed by the#WakandaRoyalEmpire.

Determined to fulfill his father’s vision of a United Africa with a single currency backed by Vibranium, T’Challa’s promotional world tour brings him to the.Sates. Needless to say, the central world banking families that manipulat and control nearly all of the core financial institutions and mega-corporations that dominate most of the planet are less than pleased with the proposal of a paradigm that would eradicat the Euro and the US Dollar thus shifting the current balance of power.



Rough-rough older version (editorial notes, BRAINSTORMING, typos, et al). Only thing able to show at present, but much more to follow, all feedback and input appreciated. Greatly.

~ Precisely one year after the assassination of King T’Challa the Great, his worldly young heir, T’Challa the Brave, visits America so as to support and fulfill his philanthropic desires via the #Tomorrow #Fund while simultaneously promoting his nation’s first export in the form the Wakanda Design Group’s #Kimoyo (urban) Technology.


Since announcing the initiation of a new private African banking system, similar to Libya’s #UnitedStatesOfAfrica (backed by processed #Vibranium reserves rather than gold ), the Wakandan monarch has been the recipient of numerous death threats and monitored (to a very minimal degree) by S.H.I.E.L.D. His dual identity is undoubtedly on the verge of being exposed.

Princess Shiru returns to her supervisory position at the Wakandan Elementary School after a very public and embarrassing fiasco while on hiatus in the U.S. Unsatisfied with her role within the royal empire, Shuri sets out to establish her own identity by creating a private academy of higher learning for African superhumans. At present, she is being groomed to replace #Aneka as Head Mistress of the Dora Milaje Elite.


Unbeknownst to all, an extremely well-connected, well-funded and unbeleievabley well-armed #Desturi-led cabal of homegrown super cyber terrorists have sparked a Trojan Horse revolt as a smoke screen for their militarized economic coup d’etat and invasion assault ~ #ANationBeneathOurFeet #UltimateBlackPanthers



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